Get Operational Peace of Mind

We’re a vacation rental cleaning company serving professional hosts who prioritize reliability, transparency, communication, and quality service at scale.

What Makes Us Unique?

In over 4 years, and 20,000 turnovers, we have never missed a cleaning. We guarantee to always be there when you need us so you don’t have to worry about ever cleaning yourself. We assign at least two cleaners to each listing and have our management team available to clean in the rare, but extreme situations.

Never deal with laundry or consumables inventory ever again. Turned has an in-house linen rental service where we bring fresh, laundered linen & towels each turnover as well as all of the kitchen and bathroom essentials your guests will need each turnover (paper towels, toilet paper, soap, shampoo, etc.).

We recognize that as your business grows, you need a partner who can scale with you while maintaining quality on a unit level. That requires systems that most cleaning companies don’t have in place such as communication protocols, standardized training, quality assurance, consumables inventory & linen management.

Turned was built to serve the unique needs of professional operators.

Turned employs a rigorous quality assurance program including performing daily random inspections, regular training for each member of the team, and tracking reviews to identify areas for improvement.

You will be able to see when your unit(s) are scheduled in Breezeway, receive before and after pictures for every cleaning, and will be notified when your unit(s) are ready. You will also have access to Slack, the desktop and mobile team communication platform. All of your stakeholders will have direct access to the people and information required to quickly solve problems (e.g. lock issues, guest left an item, etc.) and make decisions.

When our team notices damage or outstanding maintenance issues, we will notify you in Slack so you can take action quickly.

Featured Review

“I manage three Airbnb units at my property which I market as an inn, so maintaining hotel quality cleaning is critical to the success of my business. I feel extremely fortunate that I found Turned. Davis and the Turned team are as professional as they come, and the cleaning is exceptional. The team has established a system that results in fast, efficient turnovers without sacrificing quality.” – Jason Burrell, owner @ Bluebird Inn

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About Us

Davis Marklin

Hi, I’m Davis – founder of Turned. As a professional host, I know how difficult it is to stay on top of all of your properties at all times, especially during the busy months. As a former Airbnb property manager myself, I started Turned to be our clients’ “eyes and ears” and minimize the amount of time they need to go to each property. I understand the sometimes competing obligations to provide an exceptional guest experience while keep operating costs reasonable. Together, we can do both.

Why We Exist

We believe vacation rental hosts should spend their time growing their businesses. We’re here to make turnover headaches a relic of the past.