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Turned helps Chicago Airbnb hosts get their cleanings done properly, on-time, every single time. 

What Makes Us Unique?

In 4 years of business, we’ve completed over 20,000 turnovers. We guarantee to always be there when you need us so you don’t have to worry about ever cleaning yourself. We assign at least two cleaners to each listing and have our management team available to clean in the rare, but extreme situations.

Never deal with laundry or consumables inventory ever again. Turned has an in-house linen rental service where we bring fresh, laundered linen & towels each turnover as well as all of the kitchen and bathroom essentials your guests will need each turnover (paper towels, toilet paper, soap, shampoo, etc.).

We recognize that as your business grows, you need a partner who can scale with you while maintaining quality on a unit level. That requires systems that most cleaning companies don’t have in place such as rigorous communication protocols for every situation, standardized training, quality assurance, consumables inventory & linen management.

Turned was built to serve the unique needs of professional operators.

Turned employs a rigorous quality assurance program including performing daily random inspections, regular training for each member of the team, and tracking reviews to identify areas for improvement.

You will be able to see when your unit(s) are scheduled in Breezeway, receive before and after pictures for every cleaning, and will be notified when your unit(s) are ready. You will also have access to Slack, the desktop and mobile team communication platform. All of your stakeholders will have direct access to the people and information required to quickly solve problems (e.g. lock issues, guest left an item, etc.) and make decisions.

When our team notices damage or outstanding maintenance issues, we will notify you in Slack so you can take action quickly.

Linen Rentals and Full In-House Laundry

Tired of hearing an hour before check-in that your cleaner doesn’t have enough linen or that the washing machine broke? With Turned’s linen rental program, we bring fresh, stain-free linen & towels for your guests each turnover. If anything is stained, damaged, or ruined, we replace it free of charge. All of our laundry is done at our in-house (yes, we own it) facility on 18th St in Chinatown to ensure quality control.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Turned has been really wonderful to work with in our journey of starting a short term vacation rental business! Davis and his team are incredibly reliable, timely in their work and also in communication. As always when starting a new working relationship, we had a few small issues with details, which they were immediately responsive of about coming back to address. They often always send an inspector as well to make sure the clean is up to par! I have been very grateful for Turned, they’ve made it possible to get our rental up and going with shining reviews on the cleanliness of the home. Would happily recommend Turned to anyone!

Alex Cross
May 30, 2024

Turned has been a trusted partner for cleaning the short term rentals I both own and manage for the last few years. Their team is processes and attention to detail is top notch. I highly recommend!

Jason Burrell
May 29, 2024

I manage three Airbnb units at my property which I market as an inn, so maintaining hotel quality cleaning is critical to the success of my business. I feel extremely fortunate that I found Turned. Davis and the Turned team are as professional as they come, and the cleaning is exceptional. And most importantly, they are the nicest group of people to work with. The team has established a system that results in fast, efficient turnovers without sacrificing quality. Great communication through Slack and a very slick scheduling app takes the guess work out of hosting. In addition to staying in close communication with Turned's stellar management team about any scheduling updates, I can also rely on the app to confirm when service is scheduled, when it's in progress and when the job is complete. Before and after pictures also come in super handy and help me stay on top of the unit condition prior to checkout so I can give honest reviews of my guests. If you are looking for great cleaning service to help grow your vacation rental business, I would highly recommend partnering with Turned.

Matt Curley
May 28, 2024

Turned has been an outstanding partner to us as Airbnb hosts. We couldn’t operate without them! They are very thorough in their cleaning service and have utilized technology to its fullest to make working with them completely seamless.

As an Airbnb host, even living in the same building as my rental unit, Turned has been a lifesaver. They use apps and tools that seamlessly allow you to keep your turnovers on autopilot and provide both before and after photos for each cleaning. It’s reasonably priced with fantastic customer service!

I used Turned for there cleaning services for my 3 Airbnb properties in Chicago. I am so glad I found them as they have proved to be a huge asset and partner for my STR business. Their focus on Airbnb/STR cleaning services really show, they understand the nuances regarding what a STR cleaning needs that normal residential cleaners don’t. If you have Airbnbs/STRs in the Chicago area you should def consider Turned!


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About Us

Davis Marklin, Founder

I started Turned in 2020 after seeing first hand how poor housekeeping operations affected the property management business I worked for. I know how difficult it is to stay on top of all of your properties at all times, especially during the busy months. As a former Airbnb property manager myself, I started Turned to be our clients’ “eyes and ears” and minimize the amount of time they need to go to each property. I understand the sometimes competing obligations to provide an exceptional guest experience while keep operating costs reasonable. Together, we can do both.